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Client’s Feedback

19 Dec 2023

We are thrilled to bring you some exciting news that fills us with pride and gratitude.

Our esteemed client, Dooap, recently shared their thoughts and experiences with Vector Software. In this article, we would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to Dooap and, in particular, Sari Aapola, Dooap’s CMO, for taking the time to share their journey with us.

Dooap, a valued client of Vector Software, recently provided us with insights into their collaboration with our team.

“Did you know that Ukraine is renowned for its skilled software developers? That’s one of the reasons why Dooap has been collaborating with Vector Software since 2020”.

We extend our sincere thanks to Dooap for their kind words and positive feedback. It is truly gratifying to see the impact of our efforts on the success of our clients. The trust and collaboration we share with organizations like Dooap inspire us to continually strive for excellence in providing cutting-edge software solutions.

The full article is here by the link.