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The Norwegian researcher Ragnar Hauge visited Lviv Polytechnic for the first time with open lectures

29 Sep 2023
Impact, Software, Updates, Vector Software

On the initiative of the software development company Vector Software, Ragnar Hauge, Chief Research Scientist at Norsk Regnesentral, was invited to Lviv Polytechnic to perform two lectures: Making Predictions with Uncertainty and Geological Modeling with Stable Diffusion. Stable Diffusion, a deep learning model of text-to-image conversion, has become quite popular recently and is used for various research and commercial solutions such as generating images for scientific research, creating digital art, and developing video games.

The first lecture, “Making Forecasts with Uncertainty”, gave participants a comprehensive understanding of the methodologies and tools used in practice. Hauge’s expertise highlighted various methods for handling uncertainty, a key aspect of forecast modeling. Such approaches are used comprehensively: from finance to healthcare.

The second lecture, “Geological Modeling with Stable Diffusion,” took students deep into the fascinating world of stable diffusion, an advanced text-to-image model. Recently extremely popular due to its universal applications in research and commercial fields.

Cooperation with Ragnar is an example of the desire to bring experience and ideas to the forefront. In an era of rapid change and artificial intelligence, such lectures have provided invaluable insight into important areas of study, engaging a diverse audience. In such a case we will make an impact on future generations with the help of IT companies, universities and international expertise.

Students were extremely excited to hear such an interesting topic that is becoming popular at the present moment. They had the opportunity to communicate with international experts in order to gain knowledge and use it for future research.

Ragnar expressed his impression with the academic level of Lviv Polytechnic and its students, and asked Vector Software to facilitate further cooperation between Norsk Regnesentral and Lviv Polytechnic.