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Vector Software supports the ‘Shahedbusters’ project to safeguard critical infrastructure

03 Nov 2023
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Vector Software joined the ‘Shahedbusters’ project, which was initiated by the Lviv IT Cluster together with LOVA, representatives of other industries and the military.

The project envisages the creation of 56 mobile groups on specialized vehicles, which will protect the critical infrastructure of the Lviv region, as well as ensure uninterrupted operation of the region in the conditions of the threat arising from the attacks of drones. The Lviv IT Cluster took over 10 cars with a full set of equipment and the purchase of automated turrets for these cars in the future.

To implement the project, this project aims to:

  • Buy 10 cars and create mobile anti-drone complexes based on them;
  • Provide additional equipment, including night vision devices, tablets, thermal imagers, searchlights;
  • Repair cars and install the necessary equipment;
  • Buy automated turrets for these 10 cars, which will improve the efficiency of shooting down drones and eliminate the human factor;
  • Support the military administration in creating all 56 mobile groups that will protect the population and critical infrastructure from drone attacks.

Every contribution is really important because it will help protect the population and critical infrastructure from insidious enemy attacks.